Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yarn from the Isle of Skye and Blackberry Preserves

It arrived!!

My dear ex-pat friend, Jill, who now roams the Scottish Isles, recently sent me a care package containing yarn and some jam. The package arrived on Saturday. I can't wait to dig into the homemade blackberry preserves that she grew on their allotment.

I went to my five-year college reunion and she gave me all these nifty Scottish tidbits. The most bizarre and tasty being Branston Pickle.

The yarn is called Elvincraft. A woman on the Isle of Skye hand-dyes the wool, which is a mixture of her own sheep and sheep from the Shetland Islands (also part of Scotland). Jill reports the Isle of Skye is "completely covered in sheep." I have to find a pattern that can feature the various colors in all their splendor.

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