Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drop-Stitch Tank: The Progress Made

I'm working on a larger project that's going to be a gift and I'm a bit stalled on the tank top. The drop-stitch tank is now at the point where I should be dividing the front and the back to start making the arm holes. This is the first time I've knit a garment in the round that wasn't a hat and I'm not sure if I want to just divide up the stitches or if there is more I should be doing. After working on this for so long, I don't want it to have an imperfect appearence. Also, out of the six balls of yarn I had, I'm now down to two. It seems unlikely to be enough so I order two more skeins but they're not of the same dyelot and now I'm going to have to stripe the yarn to blend them together.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yarn Belt Buckle

Several weeks ago in Vogue Magazine, I saw an ad for a handmade, glass belt buckle that featured a ball of yarn. I had to have it and placed an order two weeks ago. And today it arrived!! I requested custom colors of opaque gray glass and red ink because the orginial glass color was opaque ivory. I'm not a fan of white. The maker is local to the Chicago area and you can find the website at There are loads of other really cool buckles. If you're a sewer, there's a great buckle featuring a vintage sewing machine. That might be my next purchase. The other buckles I thought were interesting were the Camera buckle, Underwood buckle, and Robot buckle.