Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve Rogue Roses Socks

It could be said these socks have been in progress for over a year and a half. I had started them in April 2010 but had to rip them back when it turned out that they were way to small. I was knitting too tight even for the larger size of the socks. I recast on in October 2011.

The leg for Sock A and B is 48 rows (4 pattern repeats). I started to knit row 49 and knit to two stitches before a marker indicating the beginning of purling. Then I continued with steps for creating the heel. I knit 5 pattern repeats (60 rows) on the foot. Then I started the toe decreases. The toe decreases were 1.75 inches long. I’m not sure this added enough length. I may need to knit another 6 rows of the pattern.

I finished the first sock and began knitting the second. After finishing 1.5 pattern repeats of the Sock B, I realized that I hate the way the lace pattern looks. Sock A had the yarn overs occurring by knit stitches and the Sock B has them appearing really close to purl stitches. This is causing the lace effect to look really sloppy compared to the other sock. I’m going to knit Sock A again, so the lace part occurs like it did with the first. So the socks will not be mirror images. It’s just two of the same sock with the pattern on the right side. Oh well.