Friday, April 23, 2010

Must Resubmit

What did I find on my doorstep this evening? A package containing my TKGA submissions with committee reviews. It was better than I expected. They accepted my hat, even though I was minus an embellishment on the top (e.g. tassle, i-cord or pom-pom). Also, my hat appeared to have a stain but since my T-pins are new, I can only guess that the cause was my cat. She's a messy little Persian who loves to shake her head after every meal and she might have come into close range of my blocking board. Now I know to lock it out of harms' way.

I have to submit four new swatches, including #15, which includes writing out a cable pattern. The other swatches are 5, 6 and 8. My cable pattern had some pretty glaring omissions and didn't follow the instructions they provided. Two of the swatches need to be resubmitted because I put the decreases on the wrong selvedge edge. These will thankfully be easy to correct. And the fourth swatch had the wrong stitch so they provided a reference that I will follow to execute it. I think #15 will be the trickiest.

There are also six questions I have to re-answer. Some are easier to answer than others. Mainly because I'm going to have to do some more investigation because I'm at my limit on what else to provide. But that's the point to learn and progress.

The overall comments were I maintain my tension well with stockinette. My bind-offs and cast-ons can be on the tight side and cause the edges to curl. I often find myself using a larger needle-size to cast-off.

I'll work on the resubmissions this week and next and hope to have them in before May 1st.

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