Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interweave Knits Summer 2009

As a subscriber to Interweave Knits (4 years proud!) and Vogue Knitting (as of Winter 2008), I started to think that perhaps I should write about the issues after I've had an opportunity to read and review them. I'm one of those people where if I really like the magazine, I keep them stored in magazine holders for years and years and years. Right now, I have four years of Interweave Knits sitting on a shelf -- Spring 2007 is by far my favorite issue! I just started filing my Vogue Knitting issues. I'm also a subscriber to Bust (whose editor is of the Stitch 'N Bitch fame - again, it goes back to my knitting addiction) with issues dating back to 2004 and would highly recommend this magazine to women everywhere, particularly those who enjoyed Jane.

Anyway, I just finished reading the Interweave Knits Summer 2009 issue. In having recently signed up for the TKGA's Master Hand-Knitting program, I'm very appreciative of the article, "Beyond the Basics: New Methods for Jogless Stripes in the Round." The hat that has to be completed as part of the program requires jogless stripes and I will definitely be reviewing this later on to make sure I get it right.

There's a bit of difficulty in how I think about clothing's use in my daily life. I have several tattoos on my arms and keep them generally covered while at work. I can possibly get away with 3/4 length sleeves but nothing shorter. This requires that most of my clothes have long sleeves so there's not many short-sleeved jackets or sweaters in my closet, as cute as they are in any given season. Although I can find knitted garments very appealing, I will likely not make them and am dismissive of them. If I can only wear something on the weekend, it's just not worth it to me. With that in mind, I look for long-sleeve sweaters that have enough detail to make me look somewhat fashionable or short sleeve sweaters that won't look "weird" with a long-sleeve shirt underneath.

The patterns I really liked from this issue were the the Grotto Wrap, Great Gatsby Dress, Ribbons and Lace Cardigan. I tend to like the frilly, more complicated garments when it comes to knitted attire. I think they're more visually appealing. The fitted form of the Great Gatsby Dress makes is very flattering and something I'd wear in the summer, on the weekend.

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