Thursday, March 12, 2009

Astrid Shawl Mishap

It's truly amazing how quickly time slips by, particularly when caught up with knitting and work issues. I can't believe I started this project back in November. As you can see at the berroco website (, the pattern is a wide array of circles in various sizes that are grafted together to form a triangle shaped shawl. To date, I've finished all 25 small circles and 14 medium circles. There is still the matter of 13 large circles, which had me puzzled for weeks. I recently resolved what was confusing me about the large circles for this pattern and attempted to knit the first large circle. Only, I royally screwed up some where when knitting this thing. It's quite amazing how it unraveled and not in a pretty--pattern following--way. It's going to take me another try at knitting a circle to figure out how and where I went wrong.

I swear one day, I'll finish this thing and I'll wear it with the utmost pride.

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