Monday, January 26, 2009


I had a rough day at work so it was great to get the email from Blue Moon Fibers indicating they shipped my socks that rock. I am super excited for the shipment to arrive. I have to go out and buy a binder, lest the packages accompanying the yarn remain loose. How awful would that be?

I'm of the group of people where waiting to open Christmas presents is really arduous so when a club member opted to reveal the contents of the package, I can't deny that I went straight to the website and proceeded to view the pics. And let me just say, the yarn is lovely. Although now I'm kind of sad I purchased Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck in a blue/green palette. Then again, can you have too many hand-knitted blue socks.

My other issue is that I am still working my way through a pair of Flame Wave socks. I'm happy to say over the weekend I made significant progress and have completed one sock. If I continue to knit at this rate, I should be able have the heel turned by the weekend. I'm 3/4 into completing the leg so I don't think this is me being too ambitious.

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