Saturday, September 3, 2011

30th Birthday

I received many lovely presents for my 30th birthday but since this blog is devoted to knitting, I thought I would mention those that are most relevant to it.

Two large Chic-a Quick Draw Bags (colors: cherries and strawberries), Knitt
ing Daily TV Series 100 - 400 DVDs and Knitting Daily Workshop: Inside Intarsia DVD with Anne Berk.

I have several Blue Sky Alpaca Pretty Cheap Project Bags in colors tangerine, turquoise, berry and purple. They retail for $7 compared to the $25 for the Chic-a Quick Draw Bags. The cheap project bags are made of muslin and feature a bird motif on the front. The quick draw bag is made of cotton that is double fabric. The outside fabric is polka dots and the inside is a single color. The bottom of the bags feature a vinyl fabric that is patterned. The inside also features a pocket. It's really important with the cheap project bags to not leave any small needles uncovered. I found one of my bags with a rather large whole from a size 2 dpn that I had been using for a sock.

Now, I think I'd like a Chic-a Single Yarn Keeper to keep my pesky balls of yarn from flopping about.

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