Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I cast-on a new Noro Striped Scarf this last weekend using the same yarn as the new Noro Striped Hat - Noro Silk Garden, 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair and 10% Lamb's Wool (colorway 275 and 267). The first time I made this scarf, I used size 7 needles and found that the fabric was too dense. I also cast on almost 40 stitches and found myself not liking the width over time. So, this time, I used size 9 needles and cast-on 25 stitches.


helen said...

Please do tell: how do you create the stripes? I can only imagine doing this if I had 4 active balls at once. Is at how it's done? Thanks!

Fran said...

At any time, I only had two balls going. The scarf is just two rows stripes using two different colorways. So as to not have a crazy array of yarn ends, just slip (purlwise) on the first and last stitch on the second row of every stripe and carry the yarn that's at rest along the side (right-side). I hope this makes sense.